Menu Items – the menu at the top of the screen provides you with the following functions:


Opens your saved wine cellar designs.


Saves your wine cellar designs.


Prints your wine cellar design and pricing summary.


Submits your wine cellar design to Vigilant. A Vigilant design consultant will review it and contact you within 48 business hours to help with any questions, offer suggestions, and look for possible freight discounts.


Buy your wine cellar online now.


Useful DIY tips.

Setting the Size of your Wine Cellar

The Room Size and Layout menu item allows you to change your wine cellar settings “on the fly”. Adjust the size of your room layout shape and size.

Wood Species and Finish

The Wood & Finishes menu item allows you to select and change the wood species and the stain and finish of your wine racks on a complete wine cellar “on the fly”.

Adding Products

Click a product item in the menu item product categories (Corners, Individual Bottle Racks, Bins & Cases, Arch Tops, Tables, Half Height Combinations, and Cabinet Packages) and drag it into the wine cellar design stage. The item will be highlighted to show it is “active”. When an item is active, you can move it anywhere on the stage and it will snap into place. Only products that can fit in the remaining dimension of your design will be appear. If a product is grayed out it means it cannot fit in the remaining space of your wine cellar design.

Remove Products

Click on an item in the wine cellar design stage area and hit your delete key.

Move Products

Click on a product on the wine cellar design stage to activate it and drag it into the new location.

Wall View

Eye level view of a wall you select in the orientation section.

Rotate View

Select a point on the orientation box at the bottom left of the wine cellar stage to activate a specific viewing angle. Once you select a new angle you can then view a new elevation view.

Overhead View

An aerial viewpoint (looking down from the ceiling) of the wine cellar stage.


Provides different 3D views of your wine cellar design. Click on a dot in the orientation window to indicate which 3D room angle you want to view.

Clear your Wine Cellar Design

To start over and remove all the products you placed on the Wine Cellar Design stage simply click the “Reset All Selections” below the Main Menu and above the Categories section.

Categories – the types of wine cellar products available:

Corner Racks

Wine racks and decorative components that fill the corners of your wine cellar room. Use the void corner where two walls of racking meet (unless you select a specific corner rack). If you are designing only one wall, no void corner is necessary. Do not put quarter-round shelves in a corner, they are decorative and will not fill the space between two walls of racks properly. Contact us with any questions. Phone: 1(888) 812-4427 Email:

Individual Bottle Racks

Our top-quality mahogany wine racks are available in two heights (Classic 77.5”h and Estate 92.5”h) and blend seamlessly with other Vigilant wine cellar components. Add lighting to your racks and enhance the display of the bottles in the high-reveal rows. The wine racks used in our DIY Wine Cellar Planner are kit racks and require self-assembly. If you If there is something you would like that you don’t see or you want to add a custom feature, please call us to speak with one of our design experts 1(888) 812-4427.

Bins and Cases

Bins and cases are wall displays that provide an attractive way to store bulk wine. They readily mix and match with our wine racks and cabinets and make it easy to be creative with your wine cellar design.

Quarter Round Components

Come in two directions, one will end a series of wine racks to the left and the other will end racking to the right. Make sure you use the appropriate quarter round in your design.

Arch Tops

Arched decorative components are functional and add beautiful focal points to your wine cellar or a place to decant your wine. Add lighting to arch tops to create a dramatic display affect in your wine room.


Wine tables combine our base wine racks with tabletops, conversion boxes and stemware to offer additional wine storage and space for wine tasting, decanting and storage or display. If adding a double deep table against a wall or racks the nosing will have to be removed.

Half-Height Combos

Half height wine rack combinations are created to assist you with creative solutions that can stand alone or server as a display, island or table.

Cabinet Packages

Our wine display cabinet packages feature some of our favorite standard options: soffit arches, storage bins, diamond bins, stemware wine racks, shelving and accent lighting. We take the guess work out of building these beautiful displays.

Custom Options

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for in our DIY Wine Cellar Planner? No problem, we can accommodate any custom request. Call our design experts today to discuss your needs and how to obtain a custom design at 1(888) 812-4427.

Adding Obstructions

If you want to include a wine cellar door, window or other obstruction that needs to be considered when laying out your wine cellar design, select the Obstructions menu bar select and add the dimensions for the obstruction.

When adding a door leave enough room for your door and casings (trim around the outside) and be sure that if your door swings into the cellar, that there is enough clearance for the door swing.

When adding space for a door and sidelights, make sure that there is 13.5″ of wall space to the right and left of the door/sidelights. If you do not have 13.5″, you will want to stop your run of racking 12″-18″ in from the door wall.


5.5″w filler is available to fill open spaces left between racks. Filler is estimated based on the size of the cellar and the space between products on each wall designed. We’ve added a little extra in our calculation to ensure you don’t come up short.


The length of the molding, both top and bottom is determined by how many linear feet of wine racking is in the wine cellar. We’ve added a little extra in our calculation to ensure you don’t come up short.

Summary and Checkout

The summary of your wine cellar design shows you a line item for every product component you selected for your wine cellar. It gives you the total bottle capacity, associated costs and any current active discounts.