3Dream Testimonials

“The 3Dream program enables our customers to visualize what their space will look like furnished in different views with the merchandise we have selected for them. 3Dream has been a wonderful tool for us to use to not only increase our average project size, but it has been instrumental in increasing our overall sales volume.

– Angela Davidson (ASID), Mathis Brothers Furniture

3Dream is very professional, fun and easy to work with. With 3Dream, I don’t sell anymore, I show and tell! It is my new addiction”
– Margi Kyle, Interior Designer

“I just want to let you know that I love 3Dream! I have used your magnetic boards for many years as a designer and just signed up with 3Dream through Decorating Den Interiors a few months ago. It already has helped me sell two nice multi-room jobs! It really helps us as designers relay to our clients what is going on in our heads when we visualize the design.”

– Kristy A. Falcone, Decorating Den Interiors

“I really impressed my first group of clients and they loved the details and the photos. This is simply the best and I would recommend it to any other interior decorator because it makes you think and look like an interior designer with all the measurements. I simply LOVE IT!”

– Yolanda Tillman, Tiera Interiors, LLC

3Dream is super easy to figure out – you can even try it for free. You can create the room in 2D then click to 3D format and add all your furniture, flooring, accessories etc. If you need to add a specific fabric or furniture piece then they help you out. It’s actually a service so you use and save on their server …which means you don’t use up all of your own computer’s memory.”

– Joanne Jakab, Interior Designer

“Wow!!! I’m really impressed. Thanks for creating an easy program that is so real to life & for making our jobs much easier with less work giving our clients choices. As much as I like to draw, this is 100 times faster.”

– Susan Dryden, Diamond Home Staging & Interior Design

3Dream‘s online program is simply magnificent! 3Dream.net has helped transform my business by allowing me to create perfect virtual images of my clients designed rooms. As new images are constantly being added, there is always an enormous selection of furnishings to choose from. The space planning tools are fun and easy to use. The interactive customer service is outstanding. To operate successfully in this fast paced technological society, 3Dream is an essential tool for interior designers.

– Rachel V. James, Interior Designer

“Things have been going very well with my new 3Dream program! It has been wonderful to use and my clients have been impressed. I am looking forward to the training next week to see how I can improve my self taught skills. Also, Tim has been very helpful and attentive.”

– Shannon McDonald, McDonald Designs

“I have finally found a bridge to connect old school design to the virtual 3D of the future! I have always been my own artist for perspectives and drapery designs, and have had to out-source all of my CAD drawings. I am so excited that ViewIT & 3Dream take a visionary approach to interior design and make it so easy for anyone to use. With 3Dream, I have a resource tool to present a completed proposal prepared in-house, and I have the ability to email the results to a client with ease for better understanding and communication. The time saved by this product allows me to concentrate on other aspects of my company for corporate growth.”

– Rhonda Hull Interiors

“I had an opportunity to design a kitchen for a new client. In no time, I had a concept my clients could look at. They fell in love at first sight! They had no idea that what they currently had could turn into what I showed them with the 3Dream product. Within a few months the project was completed and I have very happy clients. I’ve gone on to present to several other clients my design concepts using the 3Dream program and they all have been well received.”

– Mary Dancey, Interior Designer

“I had a great experience of learning the new 3D software. 3Dream enhanced my visual concept presentation skills in a professional way! I find that the 3Dream software is very user friendly. It operates with simple steps to create space planning and to convey design ideas. In addition, the web based (Go To Meeting) remote training accommodated my busy schedule.”

– Eun-Mi Lee, EML Interiors & Design

“Your program is fabulous. It is really easy to use – thank goodness that an IT person developed it – unlike Quickbooks. Darn accountants…”

– Susan Utley, Design Studio

“I am off and running with your program, I love it. Very user friendly and it looks great. I am using it to create my youth furniture showroom, inspire my sales people and use it for designing customer rooms”

– Jason R.

“I present an area rug to each and every room client. That’s how strongly I believe in them as a design element. The 3Dream website has made it SO much easier to sell the rug on the spot. We were having issues with customers walking across the street to the ‘liquidation carpet center’ before I started using the 3Dream program. It was a very serious problem for me and for our entire company. If a person can’t SEE how absolutely important that element is to the complete design of the room; they will settle for a cheap impersonation and ruin the look of the room. I show it to them with THEIR rug in place and that liquidation center across the street becomes a non-issue.”

– Holly Salo, Designer

“This is a great tool and I look forward to continuing to use it in my business and sharing it with my students!”

– Margaret Innis, Dewey Color Instructor

“Let me state that your design tools for room visualization are very good. I have navigated the software and found it versatile, easy to use and very functional.

– Romen Sood, Software Services