Furniture Arranger


Create multiple room plans in minutes!

Simply draw your room area onto the magnetic grid. Or place your own drawing (i/4 scale). Then place desired furniture symbols where you want them, and voila! Instant room plans

Photocopy or photograph your work to share.


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The Furniture Arranger planning kit will allow you to quickly determine where furniture will fit in a room Try different furniture layouts in seconds without the effort of slugging furniture all day.

For design and sales professionals, bring it with you to client consultations or create a furniture placement plan for movers.

The Furniture Arranger includes:

  • More than 250 magnetic furniture symbols
  • Double sided magnetic grid board (scaled to ¼” = 1 foot), offering 2,992 square feet combined of planning surface
  • Wet-erase pen
  • Blank magnet to create your own symbols
  • 8″ ruler


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