Systems Office Planner



Plan on-the-spot modern & ergonomic office environments in just minutes.

The Systems Office Planner is perfect for back-to-back configuration of panel systems office furniture. Contains an extensive collection of magnetic symbols that represent 90% of the industry’s most popular generic work surface shapes and sizes and office accessories on the market today.

An ideal tool for office furniture retailers, commercial designers, business owners and managers. Determine what will work and eliminate what won’t work, feed only the suitable ideas to the designer for final presentation thus eliminating the bottleneck that often occurs at the design stage.


The Systems Office Planner includes:

  •  4 pages with approximately 630 magnetic furniture symbols
  • Housing binder
  • Planning grid board
  • Spare blank magnets to create customized symbols
  • Project info. card
  • Wet-erase pen
  • Paper holder strips(2)
  • Detailed instructions

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in

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