Area Rug Collection


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The Area Rug Collection is a terrific way to add greater depth & detail to your space plans. The collection currently includes a diverse range of shapes & styles that will complement any room design.
To be used with The Board Residential planner, this additional tool will allow clients or homeowners to visualize which style of rug will best suit their room setting. Any of The Board™ magnetic symbols can be placed on the rugs (tables, chairs, plants, etc.) for a true to life design.
This collection is printed in black and white half-tones or gray scale on clear static cling vinyl at the highest resolution of a standard photocopier or smart phone camera. This is to retain the rug design detail even when copied.


The Area Rug Collection includes:

  • Two pages with over 29 representations of rugs (1/4″= 1 ft. scale)
  • Rug storage folder



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