3D Wow Factor

Nothing excites clients more than the ability to “see” your plans and designs for their space in 3D! It allows them to put the design into perspective, be able to visualize themselves in their new space, and make decisions easier, with more confidence.

It is important to remember that designing in 3Dream is a two-step process;

  1. Creating your project  – 2D plans, and 3D renderings
  2. Presenting your final design to clients…to win their confidence & the project!

‘Wow Factor’ Presentations

The following are just a few of the commonly available tools and resources we’ve found, (and use) and would a great place to start if you want to add some flair to your client presentations.

  1. The Old Stand-by – Email.  This is simply attaching your project snapshots directly from 3Dream to your emails is one of th easiest ways to share your work. (Follow this step by step tutorial)
  2. Create a PowerPoint or more engaging, a Prezi to create a slideshow presentation with some cool features. Easy to learn, too. (Free)
  3. Create a video using Windows Live Movie Maker. Upload your snapshots and apply neat transitions…to music. – (Free)
  4. Create individual project ‘boards’ on Pinterest for clients and their space – upload 3Dream snapshots of your designs and include product images of furniture, rugs, fabrics, etc.
  5. Photo Books – We LOVE MyPublisher for creating Project Photo Books – New accounts get a free book! Click here to see special offers…
  6. Print 8×10 images and take with you to your client meeting. Costco, Kinko’s, CVS, Walgreen’s
  7. Use you iPad to present your 3Dream work to your client. Images look amazing, and you don’t have to “leave anything” with the client.
  8. Even better, if you have an Apple TV module, use this with your iPad…Simply plug it in to your client’s TV and use your iPad to present your 3Dream slide show.

Check out this great presentation video created by 3Dream user Diane Dean, using Windows Live Movie Maker.

Making your own presentation video is simple and will WOW your clients! Simply use Windows Live Movie Maker and upload a sequence of .JPG snapshots saved from 3Dream. Use transition settings and fade techniques for a smooth flow throughout the video. View other 3Dream user presentation videos here for more inspiration!


For more information or guidance on how to prepare your 3Dream designs for presentation, please email [email protected]. We’d love to help!