Last month we attended High Point Market and took part in a one of a kind, innovative event called The Design Tech Summit.

This new event was a set of three ‘Tracks’ showcasing the latest design systems, apps and digital technologies that could help designers change the way they do business.  The ultimate goal was to build a bridge between ‘design and tech’ by educating and enabling designers to make informed choices about which tech solution is best suited for their business.

We were invited to join Track II to present 3Dream and couldn’t have been more thrilled! Joining a panel of other software companies, we educated designers on 3D/2D presentation tools.

We shared information about 3Dream and it’s capabilities, focusing on it’s ability to be a ‘whole home’ interior design tool and give designers the ability to remove fear and excite clients. We also showcased our new My Material upload feature, which was very exciting! Watch our Prezi presentation below!

Here is a list of all three Tracks and the presenters. Click on the links to learn more about each tool!

Track I – Project Management for the Design Pro

Track II – 3D/2D Presentation Software

Track II – Mobile Apps for the Design Pro