Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


 Ross Barlett

 CEO – ViewIT Technologies (1993)


Embracing a ‘Sell more…Faster’ mindset, Ross became an early adopter of using technology in the sales process with the goal of helping the consumer visualize their potential purchases before they buy. His 30+ years of experience has helped him develop and market over 30 hands on and digital products that include web-based 3D design applications and smart-device apps utilizing his show & sell philosophy.




 Donna Barlett

President – ViewIT Technologies (1993)


A natural born leader, Donna possesses invaluable insight into the challenges of growing brands, corporate sales, and product development. She shares this knowledge by sitting on various boards, including WithIt, the women’s leadership development network and We Make Color Easy. She is passionate about networking and considers relationships the key to success for any business.



Tim Stevens

Customer Service Manager– ViewIT Technologies (2008)

His official function is Customer Support Manager – which is better than it sounds. “I love hearing what our users like about our software, or what they’d want to see more of. And I love the way their feedback is a call to action to the ViewIT team.” He’s right: instead of high marketing budgets, smart companies need good customer service. Make a customer happy, and he’ll do the marketing for you. Tim knows what he’s talking about: he has been helping put smiles on the faces of our customers for years now. “My time here has taught me that when the customer is happy, they’ll keep coming back. Moreover, they’ll spread the word.”


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