Every now and then, (and most often when you’re not even looking…) you come across an absolutely amazing idea,  app, process, or invention that leaves you thinking two things:great idea lightbulb

  1. This will help out so many people in our industry
  2. Why didn’t I think of that??

(but you’re glad that somebody did…)

While doing a quick re-con of the recent Interior Design Show in Toronto we tripped across just such a thing.

A real ‘diamond”…(literally)

Many of us in the home decor industries know that as soon as you throw out to your client the very idea of selecting colors for a project, they get quiet. Even scared. Color is one of the most difficult things for the majority of people (our clients) to understand.

Or decide upon.scared woman

It even causes stress and anxiety. They don’t want to ‘get it wrong’.

And since most of our projects deal with color in some form it is critical that the design professional is able to quickly and confidently suggest or provide accurate and coordinating colors to the project.

Having this ability provides two immediate effects:

  1. You relieve your client from the typical “tell me what colors you want” conundrum. (They don’t really know, and they don’t like to pick)
  2. You get decisions made, and projects stay on track, and work is only done once.

But sadly, in its present form one of the most feared part of our home decor industries is the most difficult to work with. Unfortunately slugging around heavy (incomplete and/or messy) paint color decks is the norm, to visually try to match the correct color. Not terribly scientific…or accurate.

There has to be a better way.

Enter the NIX Sensor…

Nix Sensor to scan and match colors

This thing is simply awesome.

You use it to find the accurate color of almost anything!

It’s easy to set up, and connects to your iOS and Android phone through Bluetooth.

You turn the Nix app on, hold the little device over almost any object, and tap the “go” button.

In just a second your phone will show the exact color it picked up, and what the closest shade of the color is in any paint company.

I know there are lots of apps out there that say they do that, but they are not very accurate.

The NIX Sensor is!

Scan fabrics, wall papers, floor tile, art, area rugs, existing paint finishes from the deadly accurate color and send the colors or exact paint selection to your own NIX app.

And of course Save and Share your colors.

You can buy the NIX Sensor here…

Do you know what else you can do with the NIX?

Each scan gives you “RBG values”, and a few other color formats, as well as match each color scan to almost every color system or paint vendor.

(FYI…”RGB” means red, green or blue; each pixel in  our TV’s, computer screens or phones and tablets screen is made up of a mixture of a color, and a level between 0 and 255).

Now, 3Dream Pro Users can share and apply the RGB scan values to view the color selections in their own virtual 3D spaces.

Enter RGB values into 3Dream paint

(In 3Dream 3D) Select Paint tab, then “Pick”, then enter the RGB numbers from NIX. You can then select a paint company to find the closest match, and instantly use in your virtual space.

How the NIX came about

Matthew Sheridan, (NIX founder and inventor) was amazed at how much ‘stuff’ his mother was always carrying around as an interior designer….              Read his story…


In our opinion this little NIX Sensor is well worth it’s weight in…yes…wait for it….diamonds!

Keep making spaces better!



(Incidentally, NIX is from Hamilton, Ontario. It’s great to see such amazing innovation in our home turf!)