3Dream for Vendors & Manufacturers

3Dream for Vendors & Manufacturers


Need an effective and engaging way to sell your products?

We can virtualize and post your products in our 3Dream 3D environment for you and your customers to plan with.


Increase your visibility

Is it real or is it 3Dream?

Is it real or is it 3Dream?

  • Access the 3Dream community of designers and retailers.
  • 3Dream is the link connecting designers, retailers, manufacturers and consumers.

Feature your products

  • Gives you the ability to offer an online 3D showroom for vendors and manufacturers.
  • With unparalleled access, this unique design environment lets customers envision their rooms.
  • Our 3Dream support team will create 3D models of your entire product catalog.
  • With even the most basic computer skills, users can easily and comfortably navigate with this exciting tool.


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• Showcase your products in your own 3Dream virtual product mall

• Accessed through the internet, the 3Dream website is hosted on our secure servers

• Users can search your products under your Manufactures `tab` listing in 3Dream

• Access to homeowners through retailer and dealer networks

• Give retailers the tools they need to sell more of your products

• 65,000+ Design professionals online. Access these potential promoters of your items

• 30,000+ Decorators, Stagers, Re-designers, Builders, etc.

• Receive detailed product `use`reports of what, when and where items were used in designs

• Create a `digital showroom`of your entire catalogue or start with your top 10-20%

• Load your catalogue into 3Dream as 3D models with all of their applicable options

• Object properties and specifications listed for each individual 3D modeled product

• Feature new items. You maintain your own digital showroom

• Products are easily found in keyword search and listed in all applicable categories

• Showrooms can be designed by Head Office to reflect specific individual store needs.

• Open and edit existing store plans for seasonal changes, product introductions, gallery layouts, etc.

• Each individual model can be modified (options and finishes). These changes are instantly replicated, enabling you to test unlimited combinations and configurations

• R&D – Poll consumer opinions by trying new finishes or options before manufacturing Communicate visually with you product engineering and development team

• One hour remote orientation training for your 3Dream Virtual Showroom administrator

• Live customer care and technical support is just an email or call away

• Create 3D models of your entire product line and upload the catalogue into 3Dream making it accessible to retailers, design professionals and consumers

• A 3Dream trained employee responsible for; uploading new models and maintaining new and discontinued product information administration of Dealer network and sub-accounts

• Operating system – PC or Laptop, with color printer, upgraded graphics card and high speed internet access (DSL minimum)

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